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Is’real Benton is an American entertainer who was born as Earle’ Bankston on July 7th 1968 in Kansas City Mo.

Mr. Benton began his life in music by learning to play the guitar, and drums, and started singing, and songwriting by the age of seven. learning how to produce his music on a small tape recorder given to him by his mother. Through his career he has played with some of the most iconic artists in the entertainment business, as well as guest starring on the hit TV series “Unsung”{2011}.

Mr. Benton has been credited alongside such icons as, Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan well as Keith Richards, and received

top billing on IMDb PRO. http://www.firstpost.com/topic/person/billy-preston-isreal-benton-video-APSS14-cMTk-18532-9.html

Benton has worked with artist such as (fifth beatle) Billy Preston/(idol) Randy Jackson/Joan Rivers/Thelma Hopkins/Peaches And Herb/Tom Browne and Narada Michael Walden to name just a few.Benton is also a screenwriter,inventor and owner of Cafting Dept. Records Inc.as well as Is’real Benton Enterprises LLC.Benton helped restore the London Walk Of Fame, which was one of many of his charity causes.

Benton was once arrested and charged with first degree murder but because of a letter sent to the District Attorney from longtime friend U.S. Senator Mary Groves Bland, the charges were dropped to a much lesser charge.The hit single “Save Me” From the hit album Escalade is a song about that experience.It is also noted that the song “2012”(i-n-s find tha moonlight) from the same album is “Save Me” played and “reversed-produced” backwards, which has never been done before in the history of sound recording. Is’real Benton is perhaps the last true musical genius. It also has been said the song contain a hidden message found on every computer keypad.Some of Benton’s music is very cotroversial about pimping and having sex with underage girls, due to this he has been linked with other celebrities such as R. Kelly and the late Billy Preston who have been arrested for misconduct with a minor.Benton has been declared the second comming saviour of the music industry the self proclaimed, “NEW KING OF POP”. He has a record breaking [22] singles in rotation on also has held the top selling artist spot on CD Baby. Benton has become a international celebrity icon almost overnight with no promotion or maketing whatsoever, only word of mouth advertising and amazingly wonderful music, which has never been done before by any artist in the history of the entertainment industry. He plays all the instruments on his four[albums]which have all gone viral as well as all the different rap voices ,which makes him stand out from all other rappers. [Trivia] Is longtime friend of U.S Senator Mary Groves Bland, U.S. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver and U.S. House Of Representitives Craig Bland. Was personal film advisor to the late entertainmrnt icon Freddie Fields. Was once a bitter rival of the late powerful media Mogul Machenry “Mac” Tichenor while living in Florida, they never made amends. Tishnor’s son Warren W. Tichenor was a U.S. Ambassador under George W. Bush. NFL legend Doug Williams is first cousin.Was temporary spokesman for the family of the late Chi- Lites lead singer Frank Reed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APSS14-cMTk

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Album [Reach!]released 2009 [Escalade] released 2010 [Tha Pedo-Files (cut it up)]released 2011 [Escalade Limited Addition] released 2012 http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4667249/

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